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Oingo Boingo - Anthology - 1999

CD 1

Intro-Tender Lumplings [Live]
Ain't This the Life
Nasty Habits
On the Outside
Only a Lad
Little Girls
Grey Matter
Wild Sex (In the Working Class)
Private Life
No Spill Blood
Nothing Bad Ever Happens
Who Do You Want to Be
Gratitude [Danny Elfman]
It Only Makes Me Laugh [Danny Elfman]
Everbody Needs [Danny Elfman]
Dead Man's Party
Weird Science

CD 2

Just Another Day
Not My Slave
Where Do All My Friends Go
Cinderella Undercover
Flesh 'N Blood
When the Lights Go Out
Out of Control
Insanity [Medium Version]
We Close Our Eyes [Live]
Whole Day Off [Live]
Piggies [Live]
Insects [Live]
Goodbye, Goodbye

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