domingo, 31 de agosto de 2008

Jellyfish - Spilt Milk - 1993

Joining a Fan Club
Sebrina Paste And Plato
New Mistake
The Glutton Of Sympathy
The Ghost At Number One
Bye, Bye, Bye
All Is Forgiven
Russian Hill
He's My Best Friend
Too Much, Too Little, Too Late
Brighter Day

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Jellyfish - Best - 2006

Joining A Fan Club
The King Is Half Undressed
New Mistake
Now She Knows She's Wrong
Bye, Bye, Bye
Worthless Heart (Demo)
Baby's Coming Back
He's My Best Friend
All I Want Is Everything
Let 'Em In/That Is Why (Live)
No Matter What (Live)
Family Tree (Demo)
The Ghost At Number One
Too Much, Too Little, Too Late
I Wanna Stay Home
Glutton Of Sympathy
The Man I Used To Be (Live)
Calling Sarah (Live)
Ignorance Is Bliss
Think About Your Troubles

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sábado, 30 de agosto de 2008

Rush - A Show of Hands - 1989

The Big Money
Turn The Page
Manhattan Project
Distant Early Warning
Mystic Rhythms
Witch Hunt
The Rhythm Method
Force Ten
Time Stand Still
Red Sector A
Closer To The Heart

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Queens of the Stone Age - Kyuss- 2000

Into the Void - Kyuss
Fatso Forgotso - Kyuss
Fatso Forgotso Phase II - Kyuss
If Only Everything - Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age
Born to Hula - Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age
Spiders and Vinegaroons - Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age

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sexta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2008

Queensryche - Greatest Hits - 2007

Queen Of The Reich
The Lady Wore Black
Take Hold Of The Flame
Walk In The Shadows
I Dream In Infrared
I Don't Believe In Love
Eyes Of A Stranger
Jet City Woman
Silent Lucidity
I Am I
Sign Of The Times
Chasing Blue Sky
Someone Else?

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Rob Tognoni - Live At The Twilight - 1999

Everlasting Lovin Boy
Dark Angel
Crossword Blues
Jim Beam Blues
Keep Your Head Above Water
Lil' Melody
Roosevelt & Ira Lee
I Like To Dress Like Batman
Don't Be Too Hard On Me
Itty Bitty Mama
Bad Girl
Black Is White
My Acid Is Kickin In

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quinta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2008

Lana Lane - Secrets Of Astrology - 2000

01. Astrology Prelude
02. Secrets of Astrology
03. Alexandria
04. Raining
05. The Bell
06. Speed of Sound
07. Under the Sun
08. Tarot
09. Asherah
10. Guardian Angel
11. Long Winter Dreams
12. Astrology Postlude
13. RhapsodyDownload aqui

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Creditos MD

Lana Lane - Queen of the Ocean - 1999

In the Hall of the Queen
Night Falls
Queen of the Ocean
Let Heaven in
Franknstein Unbound
Souls of the Mermaids
Rainbow's End
Without You
Through the Rain
Escher's Staircase (Live in Japan)
Symphony of Angels (live in japan)

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Creditos Female Vocals

quarta-feira, 27 de agosto de 2008

April Wine Wine Collection 4 cd

Disco 1:

Fast Train
You Could Have Been A Lady
Bad Side Of The Moon
Drop Your Guns
Lady Run, Lady Hide
I'm On Fire For You Baby
I Wouldn't Want to Lose Your Love
Tonite Is A Wonderful Time To Fall In Love
Like A Lover, Like A Song
The Whole World's Goin' Crazy
You Won't Dance With Me
Rock N' Roll Is A Vicious Game
Say Hello
Just Between You And Me
Sign Of The Gypsy Queen
Enough Is Enough
This Could Be The Right One
Rock Myself To Sleep

Disco 2:

Anything You Want, You Got It
I Like To Rock
Before The Dawn
All Over Town
Hot On The Wheels Of Love
Future Tense
21st Century Schizoid Man
Crash And Burn
Don't Push Me Around
Get Ready For Love
Tellin' Me Lies
Blood Money
Gimme Love
Weeping Widow
Victim For Your Love

Disco 3:

Cum Hear The Band
Slow Poke
Wings Of Love
Mama Laye
Child's Garden
Lovin' You
It's A Pleasure To See You Again
Comin' Right Down On Top Of Me
What If We Fall In Love
Tell Me Why
Doin' It Right
Sons Of The Pioneers
Love Has Remembered Me
Hold On
Electric Jewels

Disco 4:

Anything You Want (Live)
I Like To Rock (Live)
All Over Town (Live)
Just Between You And Me (Live)
Enough Is Enough (Live)
This Could Be The Right One (Live)
Sign Of The Gypsy Queen (Live)
Like A Lover, Like A Song (Live)
Comin' Right Down On Top Of Me (Live)
Rock N' Roll Is A Vicious Game (Live)
Roller (Live)
Don't Push Me Around (Live)
You Could Have Been A Lady (Live)
It's True (Live)
Just Like That (Live)

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terça-feira, 26 de agosto de 2008

Saxon - Crusader - 1984

1. The Crusader Prelude
2. Crusader
3. A Little Bit of What You Fancy
4. Sailing to America
5. Set Me Free (Sweet cover)
6. Just Let Me Rock
7. Bad Boys (Like to Rock 'n' Roll)
8. Do It All for You
9. Rock City
10. Run for Your Lives
11. Chase The Fade (bônus track)
12. Krakatoa (bônus track)
13. The Medley (Heavy Metal Thunder / Stand Up & Be Counted / Take Your
Chances)(bônus track)

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Kevn Kinney - The Flower & the Knife - 2000

1. Trail of Seasons
2. Scarred But Smarter
3. Whatever
4. This Town
5. 40 Miles of Mountain Road
6. Quittin' Time
7. Dirty Angels
8. Above the World
9. The Flower and the Knife
10. Kerouac
11. Ballad of Hollis Brown
12. I Shall Be Released
13. Straight to Hell

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Creditos MrJJ

segunda-feira, 25 de agosto de 2008

Huey Lewis And The News - Time Flies - 1996

The Heart Of Rock & Roll
Heart & Soul
Doing It All For My Baby
Do You Believe In Love
Trouble In Paradise
The Power Of Love
If This Is It
Bad Is Bad
Workin' For A Livin'
It's Alright
Stuck With You
I Want A New Drug
100 Years From Now
So Little Kindness
'Til The Day After
When The Time Has Come

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Dictators - Go Girl Crazy - 1975

Next Big Thing
I Got You Babe
Back to Africa
Master Race Rock
California Sun
Two Tub Man
(I Live for) Cars and Girls

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Joan Osborne - Little Wild One - 2008

Hallelujah In The City
Sweeter Than The Rest
Little Wild One
To The One I Love
Meet You In The Middle
Can't Say No
Light Of This World
Bury Me On The Battery

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domingo, 24 de agosto de 2008

The Rolling Stones - Made In The Shade - 1975

Brown Sugar
Tumbling Dice
Dance Little Sister
Wild Horses
It's Only Rock 'N Roll
Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
Rip This Joint

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Starship - Greatest Hits - 1991

Find Your Way Back
No Way Out
Layin' It On the Line
Don't Lose Any Sleep
We Built This City
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
It's Not Over ('Til It's Over)
It's Not Enough
Good Heart

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Sonsofday - Fragile People - 2007

This Place
Greatest Love
Fragile People
Left Without A Goodbye
Try To Forget
Riches And Wine
Another Day
Oceans Deep

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Creditos JG

sábado, 23 de agosto de 2008

Dave Mason - It's Like You Never Left - 2005

Baby... Please
Every Woman
If You've Got Love
Head Keeper
Misty Morning Stranger
Silent Partner
Side Tracked
Lonely One
It's Like You Never Left

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Nalle, Omar Dykes and Magic Slim - Chapel Hill - 2008

Meet Me In My Own Hometown
Built For Comfort
Little Red Rooster
It's All Right
Chapel Hill Boogie
Come On Pretty Baby
Country Girl
Can't Get No Grindin'
Come On In This House
Mary Lee
I'm A Stranger
Love My Baby

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Bruce Springsteen - In Concert-MTV Plugged - 1993

Red Headed Woman
Better Days
Atlantic City
Darkness on The Edge of Town
Man's Job
Human Touch
Lucky Town
I Wish I Were Blind
Thunder Road
Light of Day
If I Should Fall Behind
Living Proof
My Beautiful Reward

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Eddie Money - The Essential Eddie Money - 2003

Two Tickets to Paradise
Baby Hold On
Wanna Be a Rock & Roll Star
Gimme Some Water
Get a Move On
Think I'm in Love
No Control
Take Me Home Tonight/Be My Baby
I Wanna Go Back
Walk on Water
I'll Get By
Peace in Our Time
There Will Never Be Another You

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sexta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2008

Janiva Magness - Bury Him At The Crossroads - 2004

A Woman Knows
The Whale Has Swallowed
Everything Gonna Be Alright
Lost And Lookin'
Wasn't That Enough
The Soul Of A Man
That's No Way To Get Along
Bury Him At The Crossroads
One More Heartache
I'm Leaving You
Less And Less Of You
Ain't Lost Nothin'
Eat The Lunch You Brought

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Janiva Magness - Do I Move You - 2006

1. I'm Just A Prisoner (Of Your Good Lovin')
2. Workin' On Me Baby
3. You Were Never Mine
4. I Can't Stop Cryin
5. Don't Let Your Memories
6. I Want You to Have Everything
7. Do I Move You
8. Bad Blood
9. I Give Up
10. Stealin' Sugar
11. A Man Size Job

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Clapton Chronicles The Best of Eric Clapton 1999

Blue Eyes Blue
Change The World
My Father's Eyes
Tears In Heaven
Layla (Unplugged Version)
Bad Love
Before You Accuse Me (Take A Look At Yourself)
It's In The Way That You Use It
Forever Man
Running On Faith (Unplugged Version)
She's Waiting
River Of Tears
(I) Get Lost
Wonderful Tonight (Live Edit)

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Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, John Bonham - Rock And Roll Highway - 2000

Everything I Do Is Wrong
Think It Over
Dixie Fried
Lonely Weekend
Burn Up
Wailing Sounds
'Cause I Love You
Flashing Lights
Thumping Beat
Union Jack Car
Baby Come Back

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quinta-feira, 21 de agosto de 2008

Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues 1992

Moving On
Oh Pretty Woman
Walking By Myself
Still Got The Blues
Texas Strut
Too Tired
King Of The Blues
As The Years Go Passing By
Midnight Blues
That Kind Of Woman
All Your Love
Stop Messin' Around

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Lynyrd Skynyrd - Playlist Your Way - 2008

Sweet Home Alabama
I Ain't The One
Gimme Three Steps
Workin' For Mca
Tuesday's Gone
Call Me The Breeze
Saturday Night Special
Double Trouble
What's Your Name
You Got That Right
That Smell
Free Bird

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quarta-feira, 20 de agosto de 2008

The Complete Stone Roses 1995

So Young
Tell Me
Sally Cinnamon
Here It Comes
All Across The Sands
Elephant Stone
Full Fathom Five
The Hardest Thing In The World
Made Of Stone
Going Down
She Bangs The Drums
Mersey Paradise
Standing Here
I Wanna Be Adored
I Am The Resurrection
Where Angels Play
Fools Gold
What The World Is Waiting For
Something Burning
One Love

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Janis Joplin - Greatest Hits - 2000

Cry Baby
Piece of My Heart
Me and Bobby McGee
Down on Me
Mercedes Benz
A Woman Left Lonely
Move Over
Ball and Chain
Bye, Bye Baby
Half Moon
My Baby
Buried Alive in the Blues
Trust Me
Get It While You Can
Little Girl Blues
My Own Tears
Come Back

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Pendragon - The Window of Life - 1993

Walls of Babylon
Breaking the Spell
Last Man on Earth
Nostradamus (Stardazing)
Am I Really Losing You?

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terça-feira, 19 de agosto de 2008

Karla Bonoff - All My Life - The Best Of - 1999

Someone To Lay Down Beside Me
If He's Ever Near
I Can't Hold On
Lose Again
Wild Heart Of The Young
Tell Me Why
Goodbye My Friend
Isn't It Always Love
Restless Nights
Baby Don't Go
Daddy's Little Girl
All My Life
Falling Star
The Water Is Wide

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Oasis - The Acoustic Sessions Vol 1&2

Disco 1

1. Cast No Shadow
2. Wonderwall
3. Talk Tonight
4. Supersonic
5. Digsy's Dinner
6. Don't Look Back In Anger
7. Live Forever
8. Wonderwall
9. You Got To Hide Your Love Away
10. Whatever
11. Married With Children
12. Shakermaker
13. Sad Song
14. Slide Away
15. Do You Wanna Be A Spaceman?

Disco 2

1.- Hello
2.- Some Might Say
3.- Live Forever
4.- The Master Plan
5.- Don't Look Back In Anger
6.- Talk Tonight
7.- Morning Glory
8.- Round Are Way
9.- Cast No Shadow
10.- Wonderwall
11.- Whatever
12.- Live Forever
13.- Slide Away
14.- Whatever / Octopus' Garden
15.- Wonderwall
16.- Morning Glory
17.- This Guy's In Love With You

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Foo Fighters - The Missing Peices - 2008

Walking A Line
Life Of Illusion
Danny Says
Drive Me Wild
Born On The Bayou
Iron And Stone
Goodbye Lament (with Tommy Iommi)
I'm In Love With A German Film Star
Up In Arms (Acoustic)
Dear Lover
Have A Cigar
How I Miss You

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The Fabulous Thunderbirds - Painted On - 2005

Hard Knock
Got To Get Out
Two Time Fool
Love Speaks Louder Than Words
Painted On
Feeling My Way Around
Rock Candy
Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line
Wild Cherry
You Torture Me
When I Am Gone

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I-94 - Bits And Parts - 2007

When She Comes Around
Don't Fade Me Out
Alone Again
Way Back Home
Bits And Parts
Know My Name
The Sun WIll Rise Again
Everybody Has The RIght
Too Late
These Days
Hold Me Now
Losing You
Mindless Song

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Creditos JG

segunda-feira, 18 de agosto de 2008

Long View - Mercury - 2004

Can't Explain
When You Sleep
If You Asked
I Would
Falling for You
Falling Without You
Will You Wait Here
This Is

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Creditos JG

OST Hairspray

1. Good Morning Baltimore - Nikki Blonsky
2. The Nicest Kids in Town - James Marsden
3. It Takes Two - Zac Efron
4. (The Legend Of) Miss Baltimore Crab - Michelle Pfeiffer
5. I Can Hear The Bells - Nikki Blonsky
6. Ladies Choice - Zac Efron
7. The New Girl in Town - Brittany Snow
8. Welcome to The 60's - Nikki Blonsky & John Travolta
9. Run and Tell Thet - Elijah Kelley
10. Big, Blonde & Beautiful - Queen Latifah
11. Big, Blonde & Beautiful reprise - John Travolta & Michelle Pfeiffer
12. (You're) Timeless to Me - John Travolta & Christopher Walken
13. I Know where I've been- Queen Latifah
14. Without Love - Zac Efron, Nikki Blonsky, Elijah Kelley & Amanda Bynes
15. (It's) Hairspray- James Marsden
16. You can't Stop The Beat - Nikki Blonsky, Zac Efron, Amanda Bynes,
17. Come So Far (Got So Far To Go) - Queen Latifah, Nikki Blonsky, Zac
18. Cooties - Aimee Allen
19. Mama, I'm a Big Girl Now - Nikki Blonsky, Marissa Jaret Winokur & Rikki Lake

Pass: Vasiliska

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domingo, 17 de agosto de 2008

Sadist -Tribe - 1996

From bellatrix to betelgeuse
Den siste kamp
Spiral of winter ghosts
The ninth wave
The reign of asmat

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Nils Lofgren - Acoustic Live - 1997

Sticks And Stones
Some Must Dream
Little On Up
Keith Don't Go (Ode To The Glimmer Twin)
Big Tears Fall
Black Books
To Your Heart
Man In The Moon
I'll Arise
Blue Skies
Tears On Ice
All Out
Mud In Your Eye
No Mercy

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Alvin Youngblood Hart - Down In The Alley - 2002

1. Judge Bouche
2. How Long Before I Change My Clothes
3. Deep Blue Sea
4. Jinx Blues
5. Bootlegger's Blues
6. Alberta
7. Broke And Hungry
8. Devil Got My Woman
9. Chilly Winds
10. Tom Rushen Blues
11. Please Baby
12. Motherless Child

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Creditos Broke Down Engine

sábado, 16 de agosto de 2008

The Verve - Forth - 2008

Sit And Wonder
Love Is Noise
Rather Be
I See Houses
Noise Epic
Valium Skies
Appalachian Springs

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Madness One Step Beyond 2007 (off topic)

One step beyond
My girl
Night boat to Cairo
Believe me
Land of hope and glory
The prince
Tarzan's nuts
In the middle of the night
Bed and breakfast man
Razor blade alley
Swan lake
Rockin' in a flat
Mummy's boy
Chipmunks are go

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Edgar Winter - Shock Treatment - 1974

Some Kinda Animal
Easy Street
Miracle Of Love
Do Like Me
Rock & Roll Woman
Someone Take My Heart Away
Queen Of My Dreams
Maybe Someday You'll Call My Name
River's Risin'

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Status Quo - Dog of Two Head - 1971

Something Going On In My Head
Mean Girl
Someone's Learning

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sexta-feira, 15 de agosto de 2008

Phil Manzanera - 50 Minutes Later - 2005

Technicolor UFO
That's All I Know
50 Minutos Mas Tarde
One Step
Bible Black
Till the End of the Line
Enotonik Bible Black [Mainstream Version]

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Eddie Money - Greatest Hits - Sound Of Money - 1989

Baby Hold On
Two Tickets to Paradise
Peace in Our Time
Where's the Party (live)
I Wanna Go Back
Walk on Water
Take Me Home Tonight (Be My Baby)
Think I'm in Love
Looking Through the Eyes of a Child
No Control
We Should Be Sleeping
Stop Steppin' on My Heart

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quinta-feira, 14 de agosto de 2008

Supertramp - Queen Mary's College - 1978

BBC Intro 1
BBC Intro 2
Give A Little Bit
Bloody Well Right
From Now On
Poor Boy
Fool's Overture
BBC Outro

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Joss Stone - The Soul Sessions - 2003

1. The Chokin' Kind
2. Super Duper Love
3. Fell In Love With A Boy
4. Victim Of A Foolish Heart
5. Dirty Man
6. Some Kind Of Wonderful
7. I've Fallen In Love With You
8. I Had A Dream
9. All The King's Horses
10. For The Love Of You (Pts. 1 and 2)

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