quarta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2009

Jeff Beck - You Had It Coming - 2000

Roy's Toy
Dirty Mind
Rollin' & Tumblin'
Loose Cannon
Left Hook

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Heart - Greatest Hits - 1998

Strong, Strong Wind
Magic Man
Crazy on You
Dreamboat Annie
Little Queen
Kick It Out
Love Alive
Straight On
Dog & Butterfly
Even It Up
Bebe le Strange
Tell It Like It Is
This Man Is Mine
How Can I Refuse
Rock and Roll [Live]

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Nazareth - No Jive - 1991

Hire And Fire
Do You Wanna Play House
Right Between The Eyes
Every Time It Rains
Keeping Our Love Alive
Thinkin' Man’s Nightmare
Cover Your Heart
Lap Of Luxury
The Rowan Tree/Tell Me That You Love Me
Cry Wolf

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terça-feira, 29 de setembro de 2009

Crosby, Stills & Nash - After The Storm - 1994

Only Waiting for You
Find a Dream
Unequal Love
Till It Shines
It Won't Go Away
These Empty Days
In My Life
Street to Lean On
Bad Boyz
After the Storm

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segunda-feira, 28 de setembro de 2009

The Smiths - The Sound of the Smiths - 2007

CD 1

Hand in Glove
This Charming Man
What Difference Does It Make? (Peel sessions version)
Still Ill
Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
William, It Was Really Nothing
How Soon Is Now? (12" version)
Nowhere Fast
Shakespeare's Sister
Barbarism Begins at Home (7" version)
That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
The Headmaster Ritual
The Boy With the Thorn in His Side
Bigmouth Strikes Again
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby
Shoplifters of the World Unite
Sheila Take a Bow
Girlfriend in a Coma
I Started Something I Couldn't Finish
Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

CD 2

Handsome Devil (live)
This Charming Man (New York vocal)
Wonderful Woman
Back to the Old House
These Things Take Time
Girl Afraid
Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want
Stretch Out and Wait
Oscillate Wildly
Meat Is Murder (live)
Money Changes Everything
The Queen Is Dead / Take Me Back to Dear Old Blighty (medley)
Vicar in a Tutu
Cemetry Gates
Half a Person
Sweet and Tender Hooligan
Pretty Girls Make Graves (Troy Tate demo)
Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
What's the World? (live)
London (live)

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domingo, 27 de setembro de 2009

Ozzy Osbourne - Obzzcyrities - 2002

Pictures Of Matchstick Men
Buried Alive
Staying Alive
Bombers (Can Open Bomb Bays)
Purple Haze
Don't Blame Me
Party With The Animals
Jack's Land
Vodoo Dancer
Living With The Enemy
The Whole World Falling Down
Slow Down
You Looking At Me
You Said It All

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terça-feira, 22 de setembro de 2009

Greg Howe & Richie Kotzen - Tilt - 1995

Chase the Dragon
Tarnished With Age
I Wanna Play
Seventh Place
Full View

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Richie Kotzen - Get Up - 2004

Losin' My Mind
Get Up
So Cold
Such a Shame
Made for Tonight
Never Be the Same

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Krokus - Change Of Address - 1986

1. Now (All Through the Night)
2. Hot Shot City
3. School's Out
4. Let This Love Begin
5. Burning Up the Night
6. Say Goodbye
7. World On Fire
8. Hard Luck Hero
9. Long Way From Home

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Creditos Juan

Candy - Teenage Neon Jungle (Rare & Unreleased) - 2002

1. Intro
2. Whatever Happened To Fun
3. Stuff
4. First Time
5. Turn It up Loud (live)
6. Kids in the City (live)
7. Stuff
8. The Girl I Love
9. Weekend Boy
10. Champagne
11. Stuff
12. She loves you (live)(Cover The Beatles)
13. Stuff
14. Lonely Hearts
15. Electric Nights
16. Number One
17. Daddy Is A Jet (demo)
18. Sound Of A Broken Heart
19. Turn It up Loud '03
20. War Is Over-Electric Angels
21. Crocodile Tears-Gilby Clarke
22. You Will Dance Again-Kyle Vincent
23. The Return Of The X-Girlfriend-The Loveless
24. The Last Radio Show (Live)
25. Outro

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Creditos Juan

Humble Pie - Back On Track - 2002

1. "Dignified" (Colwell)
2. "Real thing" (Colwell/Lister)
3. "Trouble" (Ridley)
4. "Ain't no big thing" (Colwell/Shirley/Tench)
5. "Stay one more night" (Colwell/Hart)
6. "Still got a story to tell" (Colwell)
7. "All I ever needed" (Colwell)
8. "This Time" (J.Shirley/Huhn)
9. "Flat busted" (J.Shirley/Huhn)
10. "Between old teddy and your mum" (Colwell/Halligan)

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Creditos Juan

Forty Deuce - Nothing to Lose - 2005 (Richie Kotzen )

Oh My God
I Still
Start It Up
Stand Up
Next to Me
Standing in the Rain
Noting to Lose

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segunda-feira, 21 de setembro de 2009

Status Quo - At Their Best - 2001

Pictures of Matchstick Men
Green Tambourine
Mean Girl
Ice in the Sun
Somethings Going on in My Head
Lazy Poker Blues
Down the Dustpipe
Little Miss Nothing
Make Me Stay a Little Bit Longer
Auntie Nellie
Do You Live in Fire
Are You Growing Tired of My Love
Elizabeth Dreams
Face Without a Soul
Gentleman Joe's Sidewalk Caf?
Need Your Love
Spinning Wheel Blues
Is It Really Me
Good Thinking
In My Chair

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Kip Winger - From the Moon to the Sun - 2008

Every Story Told
Where Will You Go
Pages And Pages
In Your Eyes Another Life
What We Are
One Big Game
Reason To Believe

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Scorpions - Still Loving You - 1992

Believe In Love
Still Loving You
Walking On The Edge
Born To Touch Your Feelings
Lady Starlight
Wind Of Change
Is There Anybody There?
Always Somewhere
When The Smoke Is Going Down
Living For Tomorrow

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Guns N' Roses - Unplugged - 1993

1. Dead Flowers
2. You Ain't The First
3. You're Crazy
4. Used To Love Her
5. Patience
6. Knocking On Heavens Door
7. One In A Million
8. Used To Love Her
9. Patience
10. Mr. Brownstone
11. Move To The City
12. Jumpin' Jack Flash
13. November Rain

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Creditos Juan

Tokio Hotel - Scream - 2007

Ready, Set, Go!
Love Is Dead
Don't Jump
On the Edge
Break Away
Rescue Me
Final Day
Forgotten Children
By Your Side

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Zar - From Welcome ... Goodbay - 1993

How Many Tears
A Touch of Ebony
Thin Line
Eagle´s Flight
Never So Alone
I Can´t Believe
I´m Still Tayin
When The Fire Burns
Good Bye

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Canned heat - Eternal Boogie (Vintage Heat) - 1994

CD 1

Big Road Blues
Rollin' And Tumblin' (With Harmonica)
Got My Mojo Working
Pretty Thing
Don't Hold On
Straight Ahead
Rollin' And Tumbiln'

CD 2

On the road again
Amphetamine Annie
Going up country
Let´s work together
Kings of the boogie
Redried hockey boogie
Hell´s on down the line
Chicken Shack Boogie
So long

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domingo, 20 de setembro de 2009

Mojo Gurus - Shakin' in the Barn - 2007

1. Wild, Wild Women
2. You'd Have To Tie Me Up (To Tie Me Down)
3. Coffee Honey?
4. White Line Fever
5. Baddest Mother's Son
6. Race With The Devil
7. Linda Marie
8. Black Cat Blues
9. Fool's Hall Of Fame
10. Shakin' In The Barn
11. Who's Been Drivin' My Cadillac?
12. Two Too Much

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Creditos Juan

Neurotic Outsiders - Neurotic Outsiders - 1996

1. Nasty Ho
2. Always Wrong
3. Angelina
4. Good News
5. Better Way
6. Feelings Are Around
7. Revolution
8. Jerk
9. Union
10. Janie Jones
11. Story Of My Life
12. Six Feet Under

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Black Sheep - Black Sheep - 1975

1. Payin' Yer Dues
2. Broken Promises
3. Woman Back Home
4. Piano Interlude
5. Let Me Stay
6. Power To heal
7. Far Side Of The sun
8. A Little Or A Lot
9. Freight Train
10. Woman

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10 Minute Warning - 10 Minute Warning - 1998

Swollen Rage
Face First
No More Time
Is This the Way?

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sexta-feira, 18 de setembro de 2009

Stephen Pearcy (Ratt) - Stripped Live - 2006

Slip Of The Lip
Back For More
Way Cool Jr.
Lovin' You's A Dirty Job
Lay It Down
You're In Love
Mother Blues
You Think You're Tough
Wanted Man
Bring It On Home
Oh Well
Round & Round

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quinta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2009

The Stone Coyotes - Rise from the Ashes - 2003

House of Confusion
While Unseen Angels Hover
Wolves at Your Door
Heart of a Champion
Ain't Nobody Home
The Sailor's Song
Rock Harder Than You
If You See the One
The Phoenix
Bang Bang Bang Bang
Your Hour to Sing
Thunder on the Left

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Eric Clapton - One More Car One More Rider - 2002

CD 1

Key To The Highway
Got You On My Mind
Tears In Heaven
Bell Bottom Blues
Change The World
My Father's Eyes
River Of Tears
Goin' Down Slow
She's Gone

CD 2

I Want A Little Girl
Hoochie Coochie Man
Have You Ever Loved A Woman?
Wonderful Tonight
Sunshine Of Your Love
Over The Rainbow

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Nickelback - Greatest Hits - 2002

Never Again
Savin' Me
Leader Of Men
Feelin' Way Too Damn Good
How You Remind Me
Old Enough
Because of You
Figured You Out
Too Bad
Hero (Extra Track)

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quarta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2009

Voodoo Lake - Voodoo Lake - 2000

Turn the tide
Swap of grace
Hell bound
Rain days
Keep on run
Screaming guitars
I don't need you
Don't think it's over
R'n'R (Still alive and well)

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Joey Ramone - Don't Worry About Me - 2002

What A Wonderful World
Stop Thinking About It
Mr. Punchy
Maria Bartiromo
Spirit In My House
Like A Drug I Never Did Before
Searching For Something
I Got Knocked Down
Don't Worry About Me

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Alter Bridge - One Day Remains - 2004

Find the Real
One Day Remains
Open Your Eyes
Burn It Down
Broken Wings
In Loving Memory
Down to My Last
Watch Your Words
Shed My Skin
Save me
The End Is Here

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Van Halen - Balance - 1995

The Seventh Seal
Can't Stop Lovin' You
Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do)
Big Fat Money
Strung Out
Not Enough
Doin' Time
Take Me Back (Deja Vu)

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terça-feira, 15 de setembro de 2009

Yes - Keystudio - 2000

Foot Prints
Be the One
Mind Drive
Bring Me to the Power
Sign Language
That, That Is
Children Of The Light

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Crazy Horse - Crazy Horse - 1971

Gone Dead Train
Dance, Dance, Dance
Look at All the Things
Beggars Day
I Don't Want to Talk About It
Dirty, Dirty
I'll Get By
Crow Jane Lady

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Aviso aos Visitantes e Amigos do Blog

Acredito que o Blogger está pegando pesado com o Blog WALLDILL, existem milhares de blogs com o mesmo conteúdo que o nosso e nada acontece. Já recebi duas notificações e varias postagens apagadas pelo Blogger.

O interessante é que muitos blogs fazem postagens só de lançamentos e estão no ar sem problema algum.

O blog WALLDILL foi deletado há dois meses onde com muito trabalho consegui salvar muita coisa e então coloquei o WALLDILL2 no ar para continuar a compartilhar as MP3. Mas infelizmente começaram novamente a deletar as postagens.

Algumas postagens deletadas são de cds com mais de 10 anos que foram lançados. Sendo assim não consigo entender a política que o Blogger usa para deletar as postagens. Vou tentar continuar com o Blog, mas acredito que o WALLDILL2.também será deletado.

Obrigado a todos os Visitantes e Amigos do Blog.

Notice to Visitors and Friends Blog

I think that Blogger is getting heavy with the Blog WALLDILL, there are thousands of blogs with the same content as ours and nothing happens. I have received two notifications and several posts deleted by Blogger.

Interestingly, many blogs are posts only release and are in the air without any problems.

The blog was deleted WALLDILL two months ago where with hard work could save a lot and then put the WALLDILL2 in the air to continue to share the MP3. But unfortunately again began to delete the posts.

Some threads are deleted cds with more than 10 years that have been released. So I can not understand the policy that Blogger uses to delete the posts. I will try to continue with the blog, but I believe the WALLDILL2 also be deleted.

Thanks to all visitors and Friends of the Blog.

segunda-feira, 14 de setembro de 2009

20th Century Boys - Beware Of The Rex - 2004

1. London Boys
2. Soul Of My Heart
3. Children Of The Revolution
4. Metal Guru
5. I Love To Boogie
6. Jeepster
7. 20th Centuryboy
8. Get It On
9. Hot Love
10. Telegram Sam
11. Live's An Elevator

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Creditos Juan

Mick Taylor - Stranger In This Town - 1990

Stranger In This Town
I Wonder Why
Laundromat Blues
Red House/Goin' Down Slow
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Little Red Rooster
Goin' South
You Got To Move

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Creditos vJuan

The Guess Who - The Best Of The Guess Who - 2006

These Eyes
No Time
American Woman
No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature
Hand Me Down World
Bus Rider
Share the Land
Do You Miss Me Darlin'
Hang on to Your Life
Albert Flasher
Rain Dance

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sexta-feira, 11 de setembro de 2009

J. Page, J. Beck & E. Clapton - The Night Of The Kings - 1983

CD 1

Everybody's Got to Change
Lay Down Sally
Wonderful Tonight
Women Are Smarter
Slowdown Sunrise
Take Me to the River
Gimme Some Lovin'

CD 2

Star Cycle
Out of a Book
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
People Get Ready
Hi Ho Silver Lining
Who's to Blame
City Sirens
Tulsa Time
Bomber's Moon
Good Night Irene

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12 Stones - 12 Stones - 2002

The Way I Feel
Open Your Eyes
Fade Away
Back Up
In My Head
Running out of Pain
My Life
Eric's Song

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Made In Brazil - Minha Vida é Rock 'n' Roll - 1981

1. Fim De Semana
2. Mickey Mouse a Gata e Eu
3. Menina
4. Rock 'n' Roll Suicídio
5. Eu quero Mesmo é Tocar
6. Assopraram a Velhinha
7. Futebol
8. Minha Vida é Rock 'n' Roll (versão de "Old Time Rock n' Roll", de Bob Seger)
9. Caraíbas 93 (instrumental)
10. Comendo a Poeira Da Estrada
11. Gatinha Fujona
12. Me Faça Sonhar ( Parte I )
13. Me Faça Sonhar ( Parte II )

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Creditos Juan

Pilot - Anthology - (1974 - 1976) - 2007

Just A Smile
Girl Next Door
Call Me Round
Dear Artist
Penny In My Pocket
Running Water
Just Let Me Be
Never Give Up
Sooner Or Later
Do Me Good
Bad To Me
You're My No.1
The Mover
Hold On
Lies And Lies
Get Up And Go
Ten Feet Tall
Monday, Tuesday
Evil Eye

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Eric Clapton - Montevideo Blues Vol. 2 - 1990

White Room
Can't Find My Way Home
Bad Love
Before You Accuse Me
Old Love
Wonderful Tonight

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quinta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2009

Gary Moore - Run For Cover - 1985

Run For Cover
Reach For The Sky
Military Man
Empty Rooms
Out Of My System
Out In The Fields
Nothing To Loose
Once In A Lifetime
All Messed Up
Listen To Your Heartbeat

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Eric Clapton & Mick Taylor - Montevideo Blues Vol. I - 1990

I Wonder Why
Laundromat Blues
Red House - Goin' Down Slow
Goin' Sout
You Gotta Move
No Alibis
Running On Faith
I Shot The Sheriff

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ZO2 - Aint It Beautiful - 2007

1. Isolate
2. She Believes
3. If You See Kay
4. Ain't It Beautiful
5. Comin' Home
6. Everywhere
7. Get Up Now
8. I Don't Mind
9. Get The Led Out
10. Hopelessly Gone
11. On The Verge Of War

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ZO2 - Tuesdays & Thursdays - 2004

01 Takin' Me Down
02 Temptation
03 Living Now
04 Dirty Water
05 Radio
06 Fly On Your Wings
07 Breakdown
08 Liar
09 Paper Breakup
10 Wait
11 Head Up
12 Sweet Lover

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quarta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2009

Carl Perkins & Friends - Blue Suede Shoes - A Rockabilly Session - 2006

Boppin' The Blues
Put Your Cat Clothes On
Honey Don't
Mean Woman Blues
Turn Around
Going to Jackson
What Kind of Girl
Everybody's Trying To Be My Ba
Your True Love
The World Is Waitng For The Su
Glad All Over
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
Gone Gone Gone
Blue Suede Shoes
Blue Suede Shoes [Encore]
Gone Gone Gone [Encore]

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Lita Ford - Black - 1994

Killin' Kind
Boilin' Point
Where Will I Find My Love Tonight
War Of The Angels
White Lightin'
Smokin' Toads
Spider Monkeys

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Jerusalem - Dancing on the Head of The Serpent - 1987

01.Dancing on the Head of the Serpent
02.Plunder Hell and Populate Heaven
03.Rebels of Jesus Christ
04.Listen To Me
05.Woe, Woe... The Great Fall
06.We're Gonna Take Europe
07.Come Higher
08.Catch the Devil, Catch the Thief
09.The Night When The Revelation Came Into My Life

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Creditos Juan

Forever Mod - Portrait Of A Storyteller - 1998

Hot Legs
Reason to Believe
Let Me Love You
The Killing of Georgie
Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?
I Was Only Joking
Rock My Plimsoul
Gasoline Alley
Maggie May
You're in My Heart (The Final Acclaim)
Every Picture Tells a Story
Stay With Me
(I Know) I'm Losing You

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terça-feira, 8 de setembro de 2009

Ronnie Wood - Slide On Live - 1993

Pretty Beat Up
Am I Groovin' You
Breathe on Me
Silicon Grown
Seven Days
Show Me
Show Me [Groove]
I Can Feel the Fire
Slide Inst.
Stay With Me

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