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Queen - Discography


1973 Queen
1974 Queen II
1974 Sheer Heart Attack
1975 A Night At The Opera
1976 A Day At The Races
1977 News Of The World
1978 Jazz
1980 Flash Gordon
1980 The Game
1982 Hot Space
1984 The Works
1986 A Kind Of Magic
1989 The Miracle
1991 Innuendo
1995 Made In Heaven
2008 The Cosmos Rocks


1967 Thames Television Studios (Demo Tape)
1971 In The Beginning
1971 Pre Ordained
1973 At the Beeb (At The BBC Rarities)
1973 BBC Radio One (Queen Will Be Crowned)
1973 In Nuce (Rarities)
1973 Langham 1 Studio BBC
1973 Langham 1 Studio BBC
1985 Live Aid (DVDA)
1991 CD Single Box Twelve 3-inch Japanese Discs
1991 The Vaults (Demos+Rare Stuff)
1996 Royal Rarities
1998 The eYe Soundtrack
2000 The Ultimate Rarities Collection
2004 Queen Rare Live (Paul Rodgers)
2008 Absolutely Rare


1973-Keep Yourself Alive
1974-Killer Queen
1974-Queen II
1974-Seven Seas Of Rhye
1974-Sheer Heart Attack
1975-A Night At The Opera
1975-Bohemian Rhapsody & I'm In Love With My Car
1975-Bohemian Rhapsody & These Are Days Of Our Lives
1975-Bohemian Rhapsody
1975-Now I'm Here
1976-A Day At The Races
1976-Somebody To Love
1976-You're My Best Friend
1977-News Of The World
1977-Queen's First E.P
1977-Tie Your Mother Down
1977-We Are The Champions
1978-Bicycle Race
1978-Spread Your Wings
1979-Crazy Little Thing Called Love
1979-Don't Stop Me Now
1980-Another One Bites The Dust
1980-Flash Gordon
1980-The Game
1981-Under Pressure
1982-Hot Space
1984-A Kind Of Magic
1984-I Want To Break Free
1984-Radio Ga Ga (Single Extended)
1984-Radio Ga-Ga
1984-The Works
1986-A Kind Of Magic (2CD)
1986-Who Wants To Live Forever
1989-I Want It All
1989-The Invisible Man
1989-The Miracle
1991-Headlond (Japan)
1991-I'm Going Slightly Mad
1991-Innuendo (remixed)
1991-The Show Must Go On
1995-A Winter's Tale (Christmas Version)
1995-Heaven For Everyone
1995-Let Me Live (Single UK)
1995-Let Me Live
1995-Too Much Love Will Kill You
1996-You Don't Fool Me (The Remixes)
1996-You Don't Fool Me
1997-Great Dance Remixes
1997-No-One But You (Single Holland Cd5 In Jewel Case)
1997-No-One But You
1999-Under Pressure (Disc 1)
1999-Under Pressure (Disc 2)
2000-Princes Of The Universe
2007-Say It's Not True

Live albums

1979)-Live Killers (2001. Japanese Remastered )(Disc 1)
1979)-Live Killers (2001. Japanese Remastered )(Disc 2)
1986)-Live Magic
1992)-Live At Wembley '86 (disc 1)
1992)-Live At Wembley '86 (disc 2)
2004)-Queen On Fire - Live At The Bowl (1982.06.05) (disc 1)
2004)-Queen On Fire - Live At The Bowl (1982.06.05) (disc 2)
2005)-Return Of The Champions (CD 1) (with Paul Rodgers)
2005)-Return Of The Champions (CD 2) (with Paul Rodgers)
2007)-Rock Montreal (CD1)
2007)-Rock Montreal (CD2)

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