quarta-feira, 5 de junho de 2013

Black Sabbath – 13

1 End of the Beginning
2 God Is Dead?
3 Loner
4 Zeitgeist
5 Age of Reason
6 Live Forever
7 Damaged Soul
8 Dear Father


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Newb Urn disse...

Thank you
If possible, could you share these albums in high quality audio (320
mp3, flac, etc):

1. Brothers in Arms (Temple of Soul/Clarence Clemons)

2. Night With WITH Mr. C (Clarence Clemons)

3. The Art of Control (Peter Frampton)

4. One Hundred Years from Now (Dennis DeYoung), 2009 USA release that
included songs "Private Jones" and "There Was A Time".

Thank you very much.

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