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Dream Evil - Gold Medal In Metal - 2008 Alive & Archive

United (Live)
Blind Evil (Live)
Fire! Battle! In Metal! (Live)
In Flames You Burn (Live)
Crusaders' Anthem (Live)
Back From The Dead (Live)
Higher On Fire (Live)
The Prophecy (Live)
Made Of Metal (Live)
Heavy Metal In The Night (Live)
Let Me Out (Live)
The Chosen Ones (Live)
The Book Of Heavy Metal (Live)
Chasing The Dragon (Live)
Children Of The Night (Live)
Fight For Metal
December 25th
Pain Patrol
Lady Of Pleasure
Chapter 6
Gold Medal In Metal
Point Of No Return
The Enemy
Hero Of Zeroes
Bringing The Metal Back
Evilized (unplugged)
Take The World
Crusaders' Anthem (demo)
Touring Is My Life (live)

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